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Founded in 2009, d’Vida Health is a health product company specializing in nutritious snack bars and smoothies. All of our products are backed by more than two years of intense research and development to create nutritionally dense and delicious results. There are no secret ingredients, artificial flavors, or preservatives, just wholesome goodness you’ll love.

Our healthy snacks use premium ingredients without sacrificing taste. These are health bars and smoothies that are better for you and delectable to boot. You’ll be proud to add our products to your pantry, and your friends and family will wonder where you found us. Made with whole nuts, fruits, and whole grains, our bars and smoothies are good for your whole body. 

Our Story 

Making delicious and wholesome bars and smoothies wasn’t a process that happened overnight. In 2009, when we first got our start, we were a retail operation with premier locations across the country. But, after a little while, we began to wonder if there weren’t a better way. 

So, we began to transition from commercial locations to a company focused on creating and selling the best consumer packaged goods and products with proprietary ingredients. By 2015, we’d closed all of our stores to better focus on getting our products to everyone in the market.

Now, we supply d’Vida Health bars and smoothies to consumers through retail stores and corporate cafeterias all over. Some of our premier employers include Credit Suisse, WebMD, Channel 13, Yelp, Nomura Securities, and more. 

The transition to who we are today was definitely the right choice for us, and we believe it was the right choice for our consumers. We haven’t looked back since. 

You can enjoy d’Vida Health at any time. Learn more by checking out our website. We’re sure you’ll find something to love.