About D'Vida

D’Vida Corporation is proud to launch D’Vida Health Bar. D'Vida Corporation's mission is to provide customers with their familiar favorite healthy lifestyle products as well as introduce innovative alternatives. D'Vida Health Bar features fresh food and beverages, health food service technicians who can educate customers about healthier food choices as they make their selections in the store, and an online network of expert knowledge that guides customers on the path toward a healthy and elegant lifestyle.

D'Vida Corporation was formally founded in 2008 by Mark Kozhin who was later joined by co-founder MIlena Kozhin. D’vida Health Bar opened its first location to the public inside 11 Madison Avenue (24th and Madison) in 2010 on the premise that it would provide its customers with unique, healthy and functional grab and go products.

D’Vida Health Bar does not simply sell food. D'Vida provides products that enable health, vitality and energy with a comprehensive user experience that people long for – personalized menus, customer interactions, nutritionists on board with personalized products designed for our clients. D’Vida will complete individual nutritional needs by giving people extra nutrients, energy and alternatives. D'Vida: to life!


D'Vida Focus
  • Fresh, nutritious and delicious beverage blends, smoothies and fresh veggie and fruit juices with boosters.
  • Yogurt parfaits, fruit salads, and veggie salads, organic coffees and teas and hot organic light food items such as oatmeal and warm juice blends – enhancing strength, stamina, immunity, etc.
  • Personalized packaged goods providing customers with their nutritional requirements for the day in their own convenient blends rather than having to purchase several bottles each of different sizes, from different vendors yielding questionable results at excessive prices.
  • A healthy, vibrant environment exuding vitality and energy while maintaining a comfortable and inviting feel.

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